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Originally posted by cgoldman
Help please. I had 5.32 on win98 se2 working perfectly.
Installed 5.33 and then if I select modern skin I get
WINAMP caused a stack fault in module SHLWAPI.DLL at 01b7:70a75048.
If I delete winamp.ini and run winamp it goes into classic skin no problem, when fails if I try to change to modern skin.
You say you had 5.32 working perfectly on SE - but by perfectly you don't mean you have the Sonic Rip & Burn feature working do you? ..because AFAIK the last version with the Rip & Burn feature working for W98SE is v5.2.1.497 and that's tested proven.
Yes it's true that the ReleaseNotes for v5.3.2.1003 say that:
* Fixed: CD burning with Windows 98/ME
But unfortunately was not completely true - it was better yes, but still would not work right in most cases.

I have not tried 5.33 yet
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