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I edited the instructions in the first post to include a "backup" link.

But basically, for the ML, all you need to copy/backup are:

- Winamp\Plugins\gen_ml.ini
- Winamp\Plugins\ml folder

or for the local media database, specifically:

Winamp\Plugins\ml dir:
- main.dat
- main.idx
- recent.dat
- recent.idx

But yeah, it can't do any harm to backup the entire Winamp folder every now and then...


Note: the location of the files depends on whether you chose 'shared' or 'separate' user settings in the installer options.

For shared, the default location (unless you changed it) is:
C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\...

For separate, the default location (under Win2k/XP) is:
C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Winamp\Plugins\...

Note that the 'Application Data' folder is hidden by default, but you should just be able to type this into the Address bar:

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