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Originally posted by tflood
Did I do this right? I added the lines specified into the hosts file, saved it, then I renamed the DLL file. I restarted Winamp, but the adds are still there.
OK. Browse to this folder on your HDD...


In the etc folder, locate a file named hosts (no file extension). Open it in any ASCII text editor (eg: Windows Notepad or Editpad, which is what I always use).

Add these lines of text to the hosts file...

# Winamp Advertisements

Save the hosts file and close the text editor.

That's it. All ads will be gone.

btw... I assume you are trying the hosts file edit due to my reply to you here. Correct?

Also, what DLL file did you rename?
This has nothing to do at all with any dynamic link library file. Don't rename or change any DLL file. The hosts file is not a DLL file. As I indicated above, it has no file extension in its name, so don't add one, and do not change the name in any way. Its name is hosts, and nothing else - no file extension.
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