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Ads blocking hosts file Patcher

Dear community,

I live in Germany. Developed something like a patcher.

This is a modified winrar sfx (thanks to resource hacker) with a default hosts file and all entries above in it.

the hosts file i used is a default one. I added the blocking content from the 1st. message and works superb.

Do not use it, if you have customized hosts file downloaded from somewhere. If you have a default file with a localhost in there, use this patcher.

Winamp should be restarted to take any effect.

Information to newbies: Winamp uses IE (Internet Explorer) engine to work with streams and display webpages. So Winamp cannot disable Ads, because IE still display them. To disable them, you have to modify hosts file to make IE believe these Ads are on your own PC. So IE tries to find Ads on your PC and cannot display them.

Patcher (from rapidshare, sendspace):

Copy URL to clipboard and use it.
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