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Editing the hosts file is a bit of a pain though. Not the editing, but it can lock you out of any videos with forced advertisements that this blocks, rare though they me be. Seems the only solution is to browse shoutcast directly where you can filter the content to your hearts content. Maybe a software firewall could restrict those domains for winamp exclusively and leave the dynamic stuff for the browsers. If it weren't for ipod support I would still be happily be using 5.08e which is the version that predates the use of the IE engine for the online/shoutcast content and online settings. Additionally, the url for the now playing feature in that version is actually broken which I can only see as a feature should you forget to disable it.

It's still one of the best free players so there's little merit behind any complaints, but it's a shame that it's on my "The older version is better" list.
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