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v2.0 final released 20/05/2010 ->

ML Enqueue & Play 2.0 Beta 1

Here's a development build of the plugin which implements keyboard enqueue and play handling either via Ctrl+Shift+Enter or if the default Enter/Double-Click option is set to enqueue and play (preferences -> media library -> 'library options' tab).

2.0 Beta 1 (23/11/2009)
2.0 Alpha 7 (22/11/2009)
2.0 Alpha 6 (22/11/2009)
2.0 Alpha 3 (18/01/2009)
2.0 Alpha 2 (18/01/2009)
2.0 Alpha 1 (14/01/2009)

From Alpha 1 to Alpha 2
  • Fixed enqueue and play not starting if the playlist was already open
  • Better control of the dialogs it will attempt to control (hoping this will prevent it from randomly crashing)
From Alpha 2 to Alpha 3
  • Fixes support for setting enqueue & play as default action when using a language pack (media library page)
From Alpha 3 to Alpha 6
  • Added winampUninstallPlugin(..) support
  • Fixed random crash with a modern skin loaded and some of the menus
  • Added some additional checks to prevent enq+play menus being incorrectly added (now playing plugin was affected)
  • Fixed race condition preventing enq+play not working in all cases (affected my Vista machine)
  • Added better handling of enter/double-clicking in the ML tree (probably not complete/correct but does ml_local and ml_bookmark ok)
  • Internal work done towards completing localisation support
  • Default enter/double-click action is now highlighted in the menus (has shown up how poorly implemented some of Winamp's menus are...)
From Alpha 6 to Alpha 7
  • Fixed ml_wire support (should work ok in subscription & download views
  • Now won't run on any Winamp client below 5.5
  • Fixed issue where default action was sometimes overriding what was already specified
From Alpha 7 to Beta 1
  • Implemented ml_disc support (should now cover all of the required plugins - ml_pmp is implemented but not 100% correct afaik)


(1) This build should work correctly with the following media library plugins:
  • ml_bookmarks
  • ml_history
  • ml_playlists
  • ml_wire
  • ml_local
  • ml_disc
(2) It may not work correctly with the following media library plugins currently:
  • ml_pmp
(3) Some of the menus have had Ctrl+Shift+Enter added to them even though they are not valid/supported so remember to take that into consideration.

(4) I have not done any work in the handling of the default enter/double-click/ctrl+shift+enter action in the media library tree so if it works then that's less work for me but otherwise i know about it (though may be a post 2.0 feature)

(5) ml_playlists has a weird native behaviour in that if there is no selection in a playlist view, it will add all of the playlist. as such ml_enqplay will try to follow this behaviour (mainly because that's the only way to have things working at all)

(6) ml_local support is classified as partial since it will not handle the upper panes in a multi-pane view. the bottom pane or the single list view will work (thankfully they use the same dialog). i've still to see if getting the upper area to work is going to be feasible

(7) just because there is a menu with an enqueue & play option does not mean it is 'easy' to add in the matched keyboard/double-click handler (the playlist view in ml_playlists was a pig as the upper panes in ml_local are likely to be to implement). so please don't make comments relating to it - if it was easy this would have been done ages ago

(8) requires 5.5+ for the new features to work correctly so you've been warned if you try to use it on anything before then!

Enjoy (will see how long it takes me to make a newer build - is a bit like the old days when i was really active coding, heh)

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