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Brilliant! No more crashing in the Prefs. or when I change Smart Views (but that was a one time thing).

One small problem now is that it won't enq. & play. It enqueues my selection but it won't play it. I tried from Local Media, Playlists and Bookmarks but they all fail to be played. Based on one mention in your change log, I tried with the Playlist open and closed. This worked in alpha1, alpha 2 also doesn't work.

I just tried Ctrl + Shift + Enter from Playlists, Local Media and Bookmarks and this works! It enqueues the file then plays it.

Enq & Play doesn't work from the tree (selecting a smart view) nor does the hotkey. It experiences the same problem as above, files are enqueued but not played.

Enq & Play doesn't work from the top panes in a smart view either. Enqueue, no play. If this what you meant in point 6? The appearance would be easy but the function hard?

I will now check these on a clean 5.541.
[EDIT] The behaviour appears to be the same.

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