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I want to show you closer very nice Winamp functionality - custom icons for extensions associated with Winamp. This functionality is brought to you thanks to 'Jump to File Extra' plugin (JTFE) by DrO. You can customise the icons, which are shown for files, which are associated with Winamp. To get it working, you must have installed Winamp v5.58 with JTFE v1.1 plugin (or higher).

Winamp Icon Packs are libraries that contains a set of predefined icons. This icons are displayed for files with extension that describes file types associated with Winamp. Icon Packs looks nice especially in newest Windows (it is possible to display 256x256px icons).

You can change installed icon library (or set it), using Winamp preferences. To enable this feature, open Winamp Preferences (Ctrl + P), navigate to 'Jump to File' > 'Extras' page and select "Enable 'File Types' preferences page additions". To change or set default Winamp icon library use dropdown list with installed icon packs. Note: Icon pack installer allows you to choose the default icon pack and automatically select all necessary options.

The "Enable File Types prefs page additions" option should be checkmarked (icon pack installation enables it). Additionally you have to move the 'File Icon' & 'Playlist Icon' sliders to bottom in "Preferences -> File Types". The currently used icon library, which allows custom icons for supported file extensions can be previewed on this preference page. You can open any folder in Windows containing Winamp-associated filetypes and see the icon(s) change in real-time.

There are already few Icon Packs that contains a set of icon libraries for Winamp. In this thread, you can see icon packs created by me and I hope other users.


New Icon Packs

WINAMP ICON PACK: More info / Download Winamp Icon Pack

WACUP ICON PACK: More info / Download WACUP Icon Pack

Notes: WACUP Icon Pack is designed for WACUP project. It is now in beta stage. It will be available later this year. WACUP will support Icon Pack functionality out of the box (no need for JTFE plugin).

Older Icon Packs

WINAMP ICON PACK II: Download Winamp Icon Pack II

LLAMA ICON PACK: Download Llama Icon Pack

COSMIC RHAPSODY ICON PACK: Download Cosmic Rhapsody Icon Pack

MAGIC COLOURS ICON PACK: Download Magic Colours Icon Pack

Other Icon Packs

xpAlto Winamp Icon Pack: More infos & download

iG Winamp Icon Pack: More infos & download

Modern I: More infos & download

Modern II: More infos & download

If you want you can help to translate Icon Pack Installers. Default language is english but you can make your own! Check below, if your language is not already done and if not, download below files, translate it and send me. It will be added to installers and available for everyone.

English.nsh is installer language file. English_Winamp.rtf and English_WACUP.rtf are license files (for Winamp and for WACUP).

Installer File: ENGLISH.nsh
License File (WACUP): ENGLISH_WACUP.rtf

Here are the translators of Icon Pack.
- Polish (Poland) - Pawel Porwisz
- Japanese (Japan) - Toshiya Matsuo
- Brazilian Portuguese (Brasil) - Anderson Silva
- German (Germany) - PeterK.
- Spanish (International) - Victor Brocaz

Translators of old Icon Packs:
- German: Christoph Grether
- Italian: Riccardo Vianello
- Japanese: Toshiya Matsuo
- Polish: Paweł Porwisz
- PortugueseBR: Anderson Silva
- Romanian: Cătălin Zamfirescu
- Russian: Alexander Nureyev
- Spanish International: Darwin Toledo
- French: Julien Victor/Benoît Hervier
- Turkish: Mertcan Kaya

Thank you very much for your work!
Special thanks goes to Anderson, PeterK. and Victor for their help and kindness. Thank you guys!


Please post ideas, your opinions about existing and future icon packs. If you have time and skills,
post here your icon packs.

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