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Man, maybe I'm just out of touch but it seems like there's some very basic functionality missing that needs to be addressed first before dreaming up rarely used scenarios with remotes and the like. Sure, those would be "nice to have" type features but there's some real make/break things missing from my standpoint. Some of which of have been voiced multiple times.

- Gesture controls: When using the app full screen, especially when driving, trying to find the next/prev/pause buttons is a real PITA. Almost every other player I've tried in the market features at least this basic functionality.

- Full Screen album art when playing: The look of the lock screen is nice, but really, I can't find any way to make the app play full screen normally. Am I missing something here? The lock screen look is fine, but I don't want to have to lock the phone every time I'm listening for this feature. This would tie into the gesture controls nicely as when I'm in the car, the full screen album art is the desired play screen. Again, almost all of the other players have this.

- Widget to full screen application: Tapping on the widget currently does nothing. Sure, you can click on the lighting bolt if you can manage to hit it, but trying to hunt and peck that sucker when driving is seriously a pain. Tapping the album info or the album art should intuitively take the user to the full screen player, if not a full screen album art player (see above) as most of the other widget based players I've tried do so.

Again, maybe I'm alone in using the player as a major car stereo component regularly, but these few features seem much easier to implement and expected that I was baffled to not see them there by default. I have tried at least 5 other players, some of which are just layered upon the stock player app, and this type of flow seems to be the norm, not the exception. I'd like to use Winamp as I'd expect they may have a bi-directional sync sooner than other offerings, but honestly, if even these basic features don't make it into the app soon, I'll be back to my previous player in a heartbeat. In fact, I'm actually using two players on my EVO at the moment as Winamp is currently a serious PITA to use when driving.
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