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Standard lock screen and skins

It's been a real pleasure to witness Winamp's arrival on android, and with a Beta version that doesn't feel like a beta at all !

From my perspective, there are two major features that are currently missing :

I trust you must have been thinking of skins from the beginning, since it's always been one of the signature features of desktop Winamp. We'll have to be patient, I guess, but it's just a shame that the standard skin is so depressing. A simple choice in colors would already greatly improve the look of the app...

My other point is something that I didn't see mentioned before. The lockscreen is a fairly good idea, but in my opinion it's somewhat broken by the fact that, at least on a HTC phone (Desire in my case), after touching the lock icon on Winamp's screen, you're back on the default Sense lockscreen and have to swipe again to finally access your home !

After only a few minutes of use, I disabled Winamp's lockscreen. I'd rather have to unlock the default lockscreen to be able to use Winamp, than to have to unlock two screens to access anything else on my phone !

My dream would be that Winamp could interact with Sense's lock screen, to display the album art and a few controls, as the Sense music player does, but I guess that's not gonna happen.

Failing this, it would be nice if Winamp's lockscreen took the place of the default lockscreeen : a swipy gesture of some sort to unlock, leading directly to your home screen.

Then again, I don't know if this problem affects non-HTC Sense phones...

Keep up the good work, guys !
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