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Love the app, finally glad there is Winamp for Android devices, I've been using this program since 1997

I'll also vote for...

-Having the ability for ratings

-WiFi sync, have the option to choose what folder or make it the \Music folder, as with most other audio apps use, but I would also like the ability to only include the music folder or, in other ways; the ability to select which folders you only want Winamp to read. I really don't like music apps which shows all my ringtones and other random audio files on the SD card

-Podcast sync, not sure if I'm missing something, it looks like it's there, but everything is greyed out, so not sure if it's coming soon or already is and I don't know how to enable it, but it would be nice to have

-Widget, something slimmer, a 1x4 widget

-and something that Winamp has never had, but would work great on the phone, a "folder" skip (back/forward) button

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