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Most of the core elements seem to work well - what makes this player beta to me is the lack of features. These are on my list of desired improvements:

1) Skinning. And not just the ability to skin, some included choices. At least different colors.
2) If possible, multi-fuction volume rocker support like what has been posted earlier here.
3) Somewhere to display bit rate information for each song and the ability to see more info about a song in a menu (such as file size, file format, and more tag info).
4) Ability to switch time display modes on a playing song (time progressed, time remaining, etc.).
5) Equalizer and visualizations.
6) When in locked mode, the ability to press and hold next/previous to fast forward/rewind. Additionally, slider seek in locked mode would be nice.
7) More widget options, including some of these other features.
8) A touch-screen button to close the app, visible at all times within the app. Also, the ability to turn off the exit dialogue (although do not nix the dialogue entirely).
9) I'm not sure how the app reacts during a call, but as soon as the phone rings, the player should pause (unless the phone is set in silent mode).

I'd even pay a few bucks for the app if all these features are put in.
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