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Originally Posted by Xadou View Post
Nice app (:

The only request i would make is to control the song list with the volume buttons while the mobile is locked. I mean, if you push the + volume button a little, it ups the volume. But if you push it a while, it pass to the next song. That's useful when you use normal headphones without buttons!
+1 For the track controls with volume up/down. CyanogenMod does this, but it only seems to work for the stock music app.

If this is not possible, the Music Mod app in the market has this feature: "Double tap trackball while phone is asleep to skip song" so that would be a nice option, too.

Edit: OMG I just realized this was already a feature. Before I had no idea what "Control headset, Use Winamp to control the headset" meant. You should really improve that description, because it really doesn't explain anything. I'm SOO glad I know what it means though
It even works with the CM6 music controls on the lockscreen. Couldn't be integrated more seamlessly.

To really complete the package, it would be nice to have the double tap trackball initiate play/pause. That would really make it an efficient program.

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