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Hello discojohn,
the most YouTube-User use FRAPS, some of them use Camtasia or Hypercam, but You need online-banking to get the full versions.
I myself use the included screen-recorder of MAGIX Video Deluxe 17 Premium. Only the Deluxe Premium Version of MAGIX Video 15/16/17 has a screen-recorder. I could buy MAGIX without online-banking (I myself don't make online-banking). MAGIX itself has also some visuals (MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium and MAGIX Video Deluxe 17 Premium), but I prefer the 557 presets of my Milkdrop 2.21. I have a monitor with 1920x1200 pixel, and I have made my settings to record from the desktop to 1920x1080 pixel.
I have also uploaded some music-videos in Full HD:
In my "Abos" I have many other YouTube-User with such music-videos (also many YouTube Electronic Music Composer, Record Labels and DJs).
I hope, I could help You a little bit (You can add me and the other user in YouTube, if You want)...
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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