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And Obama polices are responsible for trying to hinder Capitalism too, right? Let the free market rule! Grab up all the resources possible, buy low and sell high. Let the buyer beware. If you're drowning in industrial pollution (what's left of it), move. In God we trust, all others pay cash.

Seems to me Regan's polices were responsible for this renewed era of unbridled greed and opportunity. We or our parents were all given a chance to get a piece of the pie. After-all, the restrictions were removed in the 1980's. So cook the books, sell junk bonds and worthless stock, or sell worthless products (or sell worthwhile things, the profit margin is less but you then don't have to worry about the slim chance of having to deal with criminal repercussions). No one was trying to stop you or them then and still can't, really. Move whatever production is needed to wherever labor costs are the lowest. Services are the way to go anyway. Pay top executives hundreds of times more than the other workers. How else can you attract the best? Who is going to buy the products/services and where are they going to be sold? That's a minor problem for marketing and advertising, nothing to worry about. Food is also not a problem. What immigrant workers can't produce domestically on the corporate farms, just get from 3rd world countries. We don't really need individual American farmers anymore, do we?

But some of us didn't get a piece of the pie. Most of us have-nots are just the little helpless folk, just trying to survive, right? We were in the wrong place at the right time, or in the right place at the wrong time, and missed our opportunity through no fault of our own.

At least the Tea Party folks are fighting back against Obama. Their approach is the way to go. Yeah, that's the ticket___Shut down the US government, then default on paying the US bills already incurred, wreck the US economy and therefore the World's. Then everyone gets to start over, right? Survival of the fittest. Yeah, that's the ticket!

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