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I don't think there is a fool out there that wants to see the US default on her loans.

Now, having said that, does not mean I don't think there is no possibility of the US defaulting. I unfortunately think that is a very real possibility.

Without getting too much into it, the world got itself into real trouble when countries across the globe stopped having enough bullion of what ever their precious metal of choice was to back their chosen currency. Retrospectively, that was a bad move because, on a simplistic level, it led to "our money is worth this much because we are a good country, we say so, and other people seem to agree).

Fast forward. The US is in trouble (sounds like England not so long ago, back when sterling was the world's currency). What's our solution? Raise the debt ceiling, print more money, say it's all good because we say so. What is the problem with that? The US is starting to piss other countries off by doing this because, being the world's currency, we devalue the world every time we do it. But that's okay, because we say so.

Now, lets look at our bills. Anyone else out there have a problem with the fact that all these bills and programs are not being paid for with real money? I'm mean, junk costs money. You should never be allowed to buy junk on credit (but we screwed that pooch as soon as we stepped away from bullion to back our dollar). If you don't have a problem with that, you should.

So, let's look at the GOP and the democrats. GOP: anti big government; Democrats: pro big government. This fundamental mindset extends and explains any non-socialist/socialist stereotypes you want to slap on to either party. Republicans are conservatives; Democrats are liberals. Conservative and liberal ideologies can be applied to finances as well...

So, why has the GOP done what it's done? They are worried as hell about what is going on. Obamacare is not funded. Obamacare is going to be a major slice out of the US debt. It's a great place to start in terms of making this country a little more solvent. If the GOP did not pick Obamacare to start this, then the jackassery that exists in politics would have gotten this ignored until October 17th, when we ran out of money. People are beginning to get afraid of what happens the next time we raise the debt ceiling, print more money, and lie to the world that it's all good.

This situation we have gotten ourselves must be addressed and I personally would rather see it addressed sooner rather than later and especially before we run the rick of screwing the rest of the world over along with us.

The media, congress, and our president is doing an absolutely deplorable job at letting the American population know exactly how fucked we are right now. Instead they all focus their time telling everyone this isn't a game, we need to reach an agreement, and neither side is willing to make any concessions. But please keep the fuck in mind that no one gets 100% of what they want. Those last two sentences are really what's deplorable about what is going on right now.

You want to be pissed off at someone, try to be pissed off at the games politicians in general are playing. Don't eat the bullshit the media feeds you about the situation either, they are as bad if not worse than the politicians.
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