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fc*uk said hospitals having to provide free treatment is partly the reason for high costs. That is true.

Another part of why is that the Government can only set cost for what it pays for. The private sector wants (and in some cases, needs) more and charges others accordingly.

Another part of why is insurance companies playing the 'middleman game' under the banner of 'free enterprise'. For something as vital as health care, I would like to see a hard cap on their profit margins (not a percentage) or health insurance only be provided by 'non-profits' and/or 'not for profits'. But then it wouldn't be 'free enterprise'.

Another part of why is law suits. But malpractice does occur and more often than it should. Many that provide medical care are pushed or push themselves too far in the hours that they work and/or don't keep up to-date with the info they need to know to avoid accidents. If an 'oops' happened to you, what price would you put on your life if you didn't survive or on your reduced quality of life if you did? For me, quality of life is worth more than life alone and life itself is price-less. This is a 'special' special case and no wonder it was left out of the original ACA. Provisions related to tort reform would have killed the whole thing. Tort reform can be pursued separately, why are the GOP not offering bills on that?

Another part of why is labor costs. The cost to educate and train is too high (but it is for most things). The horizontal and vertical variances in pay scale are too large. Each provider in the chain (from doctor/surgeon to orderly/nurse's aid) needs adequate compensation (but over-compensation for those at the top happens everywhere).

Another part of why is drugs. The cost of development and approval. As a side note, I think there are too many drugs where the side effects are worst than the issue they are supposed to address, resulting in more (other) drugs.

Another part of why is technology. The cost of development and approval for medical machines (external and internal).

I can go on, but my point is that this is a very complex issue with many contributing pieces. Most (based on their particular interest) want to latch on to 1 or 2 pieces and say fix that and that will fix everything. That is what was going on and not working very well.

Obamacare is the first major attempt at a comprehensive solution. There are pieces left out and pieces put in that can be improved. The GOP should be trying to 'fix' the ACA instead of throwing it all out (the baby with the bath water). If they had tried to help craft the bill in the first place (instead of trying to block it), it would be better now. 'Monday morning quarterbacks' and 'backseat drivers' talk a 'good game', but how hard is that (and contributes nothing positive).

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