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Average cost of a drug from inception to market is hovering around $15 million anymore.
And they're often developed to replace drugs that already exist and have equal efficacy. The difference is a patent. There isn't any money in making drugs that's patents have expired, so we need to invent new drugs that do the same thing.

One great example is all the beta blockers people my age are eating with absolutely no indication it improves outcomes. Another is sleeping pills. We wouldn't want to get you addicted to Benzos. Those are cheap. You need some Ambien which is 10X as expensive and only slightly less addictive.

Free healthcare with no strings attached. It simply can not happen. You just can't have it both ways.
Sure it can happen. It just can't happen while the cartel that controls our medical, drug and legal industries survives.

Now we overpay by twice or thrice, have worse outcomes, and leave 30 million people still uninsured.

This was a win? The landmark we're supposed to pat Barry on the ass for?

The next time I see big pharma, big law and big medical meet, I don't want to see any smiles.
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