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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
You bet the President wants to settle this all now. The House doesn't agree. The constituents that elected them don't agree. It's America. People get to disagree.
With gerrymandered districts we get extreme views on all sides. But people here are not allowed to be irresponsible (for the most part). You can't yell fire in a crowded theater and get away with it (most of the time). Although the percentages are changing.

The past 10 years I've been semi-retired, so I've come to get my info on our Government activities from watching C-Span. For those who don't know, C-Span broadcasts complete unedited Congressional (House and Senate) sessions, hearings, speeches, news conferences, etc. It also broadcasts complete unedited speeches by the President and White House news conferences.

While time consuming, watching and hearing all that is said provides an understanding that is completely different than that gained from reading media accounts or watching/listening to what is presented on tv and radio 'news' and talk shows. It's even better than browsing various internet sources. It makes it easy to detect where the bias is and on what side.

It has all the comedy, drama, and reality you ever want to see. It's educational (like debate club) to watch opposite sides 'spin' the same set of 'facts' to support their views. It's hilarious to see folks try to reverse their own statements when what they originally said doesn't go over well (often weeks or months later). It's heart breaking to see how a few can cause distress for so many. It's frustrating when all sides present compelling arguments.

Yes people get to disagree in America, but when an agreement must be made, the best were made when neither side gets things all their way. Compromise is one thing, capitulation is something else. Reasonable people should be able to tell one from the other, but they need the all the info (or at least some info from all sides) to come to a reasonable determination.

Our system of government has devolved to 'numbers and nonsense', imo. Those with the best nonsense gets the numbers. It would be very entertaining, if it wasn't real.

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