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The irresponsible ones are the Democrats. They made this sweetheart deal for their liberal pals. It has more pork than a ham sandwich. They never have exactly figure out how to pay for it. Then the Republicans come along and say "Whoa!" and they should be saying "Whoa". Everybody should be saying "Whoa!".

The President and pals came up with this crackpot idea and now it's the Republicans are evil and self serving? Bullshit. The only reasonable thing for any reasonable person to do is oppose this son of a bitch. If that shuts down the government for a couple weeks, so what.

Next time I need a health care bill that twice too expensive and doesn't cover everybody, I'll call the Democrats.

the best were made when neither side gets things all their way.
It's the President that won't negotiate. It's the President that rammed this thing through with a very brief supermajority. The public liked the ACA so well, most of the people who voted for it lost re-election.

Like most liberals, you think you are in the majority with your opinions. Most Americans don't like Obamacare and the more educated they are about it, the more they don't like it.

The Republicans are now following the public will.
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