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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
This will be over in 72 hours.
I hope so and in a positive way.

Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
March will be interesting.
The rest of Obama's term will be interesting, since the GOP doesn't want to let him do anything (good or bad) or give him credit for anything (good). As for the ACA, I don't know what most people like. The people I've talked to seem fairly evenly divided. They like some parts of it and dislike other parts.

Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
Basically anybody who is bitching pisses me off. It means they didn't have enough to do.

My brother told me that righteous anger was how we get things done. I think that's a bunch of crap. The way we get things done is with our hearts and our hands.
I'm confused.

Are you pissing yourself off or is a lot of what you've been saying not bitching?

Does righteous anger exclude using our hearts and hands?

Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
She just has a house and a sign out front like the old days. They have to want $8000 a month for the medical buildings 2 miles away. I'll bet this place doesn't cost her $1000 and she lives there.
Yeah, the old days. Our 'family' doctor made house calls when I was a kid.

As to that 8 grand, it's just another example of the current run-away greed in our culture. The realtors think all doctors make a lot, so they feel justified charging a lot. Then the doctors have to charge more (to pay their bills). A vicious circle, that's replicated all over the place. Prices have nothing to do with what something may be worth or the cost to provide it, it's all about charging the most the market will bear. The same item will have vastly different prices depending on where it is sold and to whom (even accounting for exchange and inflation rates).

Profit is fine and necessary. It becomes a problem when it is obsessive and determining when that point occurs is a problem too.

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