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I generally sit up late at night and wonder.

I wonder what happens when you live in a country that are so lawsuit crazed that no one wants to be a physician anymore?

I wonder what happens when you live in a country where getting your medical degree will put you under an easy $300,000 - $400,000; and that's only your medical school costs?

I wonder what happens when you add 30 million people to the healthcare system?

I wonder what happens when you add 30 million people to the healthcare system and your number of physicians in the country are decreasing?

I wonder what happens when you add 30 million people to the healthcare system and provide physicians with reimbursement rates similar to medicaid? We do know why offices put caps on how many medicaid patients they will take, right?

Studies have been done. Flooding a medical system in this manner actually causes quality of care to go down. Early symptoms are missed. Access to needed medical equipment is not there because it's overbooked too. Medical costs actually end up going through the roof.

Frankly, I'm pissed the GOP threw in the towel. Being able to guess your approximate respective ages the two of you will never have to deal with this; I will. That goes back to ROH's comment about the kids killing the older generations for making their lives hell.

ROH: your comments about big pharma are somewhat true. However, more often than not, a new approach to an existing drug is taken in order to get it back under patent protection. Big pharma can't simply invent a new drug and claim it works; the FDA won't allow that.

Now, yes, I realize that indicates that the FDA is a competent organization, which they are not. I think you have seem me write this before: remember ***** that the FDA banned? The patient control group studied was diabetics that poorly managed their diet. You don't say that ***** causes heart attacks. Hmmmm... ever test it on, oh I dunno, anyone who was fucking healthy?

And of course, the more malicious side to the above also exists where the FDA approves drugs that they have no business approving. Now maybe that is because the pharma company that developed it withheld clinical information from the FDA. Maybe not. Luckily when information is withheld, people are getting a nice bed in jail for it.

Aminifu: there are two sides to every story that one must consider. Playing the devil's advocate... Obama could have been willing to negotiate with the GOP to keep the government open. Hell, Clinton did. I don't care what the stakes are or who it is, drawing a line in the sand is never a way to get people on your side; it is not a way to open negotiations. Publicly stating 5,000 times that in people in government must be willing to negotiate, not everyone gets what they want, and then drawing a line in the sand makes you look like a total fucking asshole no matter who you are to those that realize what you just did.

Let's take that further. Specifically telling everyone involved behind closed doors to make this as painful as possible for the American people is just childish. Closing open air monuments and opening them for immigration marches only strengthens the point that you are acting like a child.

What I find really funny is how the media is spinning this whole mess as how obama and congress saved the world. Really? How? Because the did their goddamned jobs? Yea. Let's pat them on the back. Good job fellas. Way to have foresight. I've got a suggestion, the government is only funded for a few months longer; how about all you clowns start working on a budget we can all agree on now?

They say Obama manipulates the media in this country more than any other president. Sounds like a good way to divide the country ... which is kinda what everyone wants.

If you only listen to one side of the story, chances are you are being lied to 50% of the time, at least with the clowns we have in government. It's interesting when you pull up what ever American news source and then look to a foreign country... the stories are a little different and much less one sided.

To show how bipartisan I am, I've got a very simple rule come next election. If you are currently in, you are out. I don't care who you are. We need people that can not only do their jobs, but are proactive about it. Way to run a country always reacting to everything and shoving things down people's throats at the last second.

edit: heh. V-I-O-X-X is filtered. Holy pharma balls.
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