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One more thought. How about Hillary? One thing about Democrats. They are overconfident. The smoke around Clinton Global Initiative is bad. I don't think Hillary could get elected President.

What happens to Obamacare with a Republican president? I think Obama is going to be one of the most hated Presidents in history. It might take until a year or two after he's gone.

Obama said we should have universal coverage. 35 million people seem to be pretty good sized "crack" to fall through. This is what Obama calls it when you can't afford medical insurance even with subsidies. "Falling through the cracks" Of course, you will be fined on top of not being covered. I think 35 million remaining uninsured are a chasm and not a crack. A crack is 1%. A chasm is 12%.

One of the most important things is tort reform. Not even a wink at it.

ACA is the exact opposite of what a health care reform bill should look like. It was written by the special interests for the special interests. If it helps anybody, it was an accident.

We do know why offices put caps on how many medicaid patients they will take, right?
Doctors aren't going to have that right. They probably wouldn't mind if there was any tort reform. Doctors generally hate this law.

Want to see Obamacare die in one working day? Force federal employees to buy insurance the way we are going to have to. Obamacare was so good, government exempted itself. Cheney wouldn't get a million dollar heart out of Obamacare. He wouldn't get a million dollar heart out of medicare either. But he's a government employee, so Blue Cross would spend just about anything.

I think we should start with a plan Congress has to buy.

I am by nature a capitalist. But if the best we can do is embed a corrupt system by forcing everyone to buy overpriced, incompetent medical care from a run-amok cartel, we should have gone single payer.

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