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You compete against doctors from Pakistan and India, who are as well trained and paid 10 cents on the buck for their education.
That is actually quite humorous . Actually, a lot of times those foreign medical grads (FMG's) have to repeat a significant portion of their trining. Aditionally, a lot of the times the fmg's are not board certified, which is why they are not associated with hospitals and run their own private practice.

You talk like what the drug companies are doing with regards to saving patents and not lives isn't preposterous. You act like the 3 days pay I spent to go to the doctor for some sleeping pills to treat periodic insomnia isn't preposterous. You act like 6 months pay for 2 nights of observation in a hospital isn't nuts.
It all nuts. All of it. At the same time, these pharma companies need to get their costs into developing the drug back, they need to pay their staff that developed it for 10 years, and god forbid they try to turn a profit so they can fund the next drug. I dunno what the answer is here. Drug development costs serious money. There is a back story to drug development that many people do not know about (the cost). These people want drugs for free; they still want the same innovation. Again, you can't have it both ways. This stuff costs real money. Your drugs from 20-30 years ago are so damn cheap because the current regulations did not exist back then, so these drugs were grandfathered in.

The hospital costs are absurd too. We wanted affordable healthcare (medicare and medicaid). The government reimburses physicians with this coverage about $25-$60 a patient no matter what is done, no matter how much time is spent. The government forces them to lose money on every single medicare/medicaid patient they see. The resources that medicare/medicade patients take out of the medical system is the same as you and I, their care costs real money. Real money that is above and beyond $60. These physicians have a practice to run, nurses to pay, office staff to pay, overhead, etc. The cost needs to be made up somewhere ... so the buck gets passed to those that can afford it, and suddenly you have a $300 office visit, or an ER stay that costs six months salary.

I'm not saying any of that is "right". All I am saying is stuff costs real money. That money must be made up somewhere. Given the current laws that are in place, this is how it is done.

I don't understand why no one touched tort reform as I have pointed out several times. In my opinion the natural order of things should be to frst drive down the absurd medical costs and then worry about getting people insured. Seems a little more economical to me then adding 30 million new donors to a system that is out of control. Kinda makes me wonder exactly how many pockets we are lining.

As a final note, if you take away the right of a physician reject medicaid, you are going to run them all out of business or they will be forced to see so many patients in one day to make up the cost that they will be able to spend 15 seconds with each. Sounds like the beginning of missing early symptoms, which will eventually drive up medical costs.

This is exactly why the ACA is a load of bullox as you pointed out. Nothing is fixed, people's pockets get lined, and you and I get to pay for it.
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