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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
All this bullshit about Obama being an "African American" Dude is a 100% suit.
What does that mean? He is or isn't what you expect? I know you know better than trying to 'read a book by it's cover'. You don't know Obama, so how can you say what he is? You see his public side, the role that he plays for public consumption (like any politician). As an African American, I know that we as individuals, more often than not, defy the stereotypes placed on us by ourselves and by non-African Americans. This is probably true for every ethnic group.

I did not say Boehner is stupid. I said the GOP tactics were stupid. Boehner has shown he does not possess the intellect and savvy that I've read that Rommel had. I say that because I take into account how long he has been a politician on the national level, the power level he has gained, and the control he is able to exert. On Obama's side, looking at the same things, I have to conclude he has 'a lot more going on where it counts' as far as being a politician. His rise to the top 'job' was one of the fastest in American history.

The first 16 days of this October was a tragedy for America, however you want to rate it. Both sides drew lines in the sand. Nobody won and everybody lost something.

Average Americans vote for (rich people, business, and special interests hire) politicians to think for them and make laws to regulate behavior. We deserve what we get. It is very important to look at (research) and listen to all sides because all sides lie. We need to hear all the lies to have any hope of figuring out where the truth is or at least the least damaging lie (if such a thing is possible).

American politics is a game of 'numbers and nonsense'. The 2 major political parties are 2 sides of the same coin. They take turns playing 'bad cop' and 'good cop'. The only way to have a fighting chance to correctly guess which way particular politicians may go is through their voting records (for, against, and no vote) and not by anything they say. Throw 'all the bums out' and go with all new guys (with no voting records) and it becomes a total crap shoot. It's better to do your homework and support those whose voting record you agree with, imo.

Actors (and those with acting skills) make good politicians. This is not a bad thing. Appearing sincere, when you really are not, is a requirement of the job. On the national level, it's a 'sweet' job. Politicians are human and base most of their decisions on self interest, just like everybody else.

Being born in 1951, I have developed a bias (especially over the last 20 years) that has totally replaced what I was taught and told during the first 18 years of my life. But I still believe America can accomplish almost anything, if most of us pull together for at least a decade (there are many examples). I hope I live long enough to see that kind of compromise and cooperation return.

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