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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
Who was this guy trying to help? It wasn't any African American. Fuck. It wasn't any American I know. My golf costs $12.
Ok, he doesn't meet your expectations. Too bad. I've lived in Chicago for over 30 years and got to learn about Obama before you did. He doesn't surprise me. I never joined the congregation, but I listened to several of the same sermons he did, given by Rev. Wright, and saw his reactions. I saw how he related to people during his 'social worker' days. When he decided to enter politics, I thought he would never get anywhere given his name. But he picked the 'right' ward and the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course he has Anglo-American friends on the high end (how else could he have become POTUS). There are plenty of rich Afro-Americans, too (and not just in sports and entertainment). There are also plenty of us in the middle class doing just fine. We are not all uneducated/under-educated 'dudes and shorties' running 'round the hood', only interested in sex, drugs, gang banging, hip-hop, and a 'good time'.

America is no longer a 'melting pot' (probably never was). It's a 'salad bowl' and diversity is a good thing.

Michelle's parents were mid to lower middle class and wanted more for their children. That's what all Americans want. My parents lived at the poverty line for most of their lives, but made me understand the importance of education and that having money is not the only goal in life. My good grades (and M.L. King's murder) allowed me to earn a full scholarship to M.I.T. The jobs (doing what I like doing) my education qualified me for has allowed me to live better (economically) than my parents ever did.

I believe Obama is sincere in wanting to rebuild the middle class and maintain or expand the 'safety net' for the poor. The rich can (and will) stay rich and more will join them. Until a lot more people start working again, the rich need to 'kick in' a little more. As a group, they are paying most of the country's bills and providing the real opportunities for growth anyway. They just need to step off the sidelines and take some risks (some will lose a little, but they will still have plenty and may even make most of what they lose back). All the Government (all 3 parts) can do is try to 'keep the ball rolling'.

Obama is able to understand and relate to both ends, and the middle, in ways you and I will never understand. I know poverty and the 'hood' and thru my opportunities via M.I.T, I got to 'rub elbows' with some at the high end (economic and political). I can relate to some of what I think he feels and the conflicts I know he deals with every day. Sure, I would like to see something major done for my ethnic group (and maybe something will happen), but I know that is highly unlikely. Any real progress must begin at the family level anyway.

Obama knows his full ten year plan will never be implemented. The US Presidency is not a dictatorship. He only had 4 years and another 4 was not certain. He chose to try 1 major thing for the whole country instead of nipping around the edges (after helping pull the country back from a 1920's style depression while dealing with 2 major wars being fought on the credit card). The ACA is the start, not the end (it will evolve). Win, lose, or draw, I applaud him for it.

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