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"Social networking is currently the way to reach a potential new audience.
I do not know a single person anymore who uses a directory like the yp to
find stations they may want to listen to."
that's why I have 90% of my listeners listening from iTunes and TuneIn as well as plenty of Smartphone listeners.
"Seen lots and lots of Voodoohippie's posts on a lot of threads on other forums, most of it negative or spam.

He's just a Troll by any other name.

Seems he's out of touch with how people build audiences.

Oh well That's the end of winamp!"

No just speak the Truth about Internet Radio. I'm far from an Noob as not only have I done Internet Radio but terrestrial Radio back in 1983. So what if I use a .tk link just makes it shorter than the huge long link to the referral point. And Yes I do promote some damn good Broadcasting software with a .tk link, Software that will help those that don't want to spend $300 on software only to have to buy an Audio Processor to clean up the mess as far as Audio Quality. I'm a Progressive Rocker with an attitude to match. Can't stand the lack of knowledge when it comes to music and the garbage that supports kiddie Radio and such although there is good stuff out there so too many folks just have not got a clue. If people didn't depend on a directory why hack Shoutcast and make your ratings higher till the admins had to put a stop to it? At least some stations do things the right way. Just because I speak the truth about Icecast does not make me a troll hell I use to love Shoutcast and I was a die hard fan but now everything is way too far up in the air for any of us Real Radio Stations to take chances on something that may not be around. And if you don't depend on a directory why not broadcast on Streamerp2p, or other service? Because simple you'll get no exposure. Anyone knows this besides the fact that p2p can be unstable. As far as Facebook its going down the tubes what with people hacking and taking over accounts. Many folks are slowly closing their accounts. So though a directory is not 100% its a good place to start with your Radio station. Social media can help as well but most folks just want to fire up their Android, iPhone or PC and listen to a good station and without the YP apps like XiiaLive won't work. Wait... They too got smart and now have Icecast in their app. Tells me they too won't take chances either. Will see after D Day time is ticking and 5 hrs to go so will it die Eastern Time or what Time Zone? Lets just watch it all fall like dominoes.

Merry Christmas!!

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