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Well Prog Rock is not 80's its 1967-1984 for Commercial Rock Indie Prog Rock like Porcupine Tree Does still exist. I do have a Facebook account yes I probably should do more with it and see but so far not got much from it. Myspace in its heyday was the bomb and you could construct a really nice page with widget to show listeners, Song title, heck of it wern't against BMI rules I could have skipped the website entirely and put up my own player right on my Myspace page.

Its good to know someone knows about Stereo FM Transmitters out there. Just want everyone to know that even if which now looks like we may keep Shoutcast and if so I'll re subscribe to a Shoutcast stream host again. Shoutcast really is where most hobbyist started on Internet Radio that along with Live365 when it was 100% FREE and even they too use some Shoutcast technology in how you can use any Broadcast probrams Shoutcast V1 encoder to broadcast to Live365. There may be some light heck this could all be a publicity stunt to see if there really is much interest in Shoutcast. As far as M$ buying it if they did you'd have to sign contracts and your soul away just to get listed in their directory just like the Windows Media Player directory. For those reasons I hope M$ does not buy it. At least Apple would allow you to list your station simply by following the guidelines as you do with iTunes. Apple may be what they are but I think they would be far mor fair to their broadcasters than M$. I do know this if M$ takes Shoutcast all the unlicensed rouge Pirate stations would be 86ed. If you read their Windows Media Player contract you'll see why this statement is 100% valid.

Guess we'll all see what happens. It could be like Loudcaster where their web site stayed up days past the deadline or and I hope the latter we have another investor in Shoutcast as it does have proven value to Internet Radio.

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