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Originally Posted by voodoohippie View Post
Heck even On Air stations see the value of Internet Radio. In the menu of TuneIn and XiiaLive you can press Local and hear your local Radio stations just over the Net and yes it does sound better. If you so choose you can even listen to other stations (If they are not Geo Blocked many are not) from other states and around the world. This is why I see Internet Radio as a huge success in the not to distant future what with smartphones out there and many already have TuneIn already installed on the device when you buy it (HTC One V from US Cellular and others like it).

As more and more people complain and drop their contracts because of the huge data rates more carriers will stop gouging and charge a fair rate for Data use (maybe unlimited).
My point is not the medium, even though internet streams involve too many moving parts compared to a simple radio receiver. The point is purpose. Joe Schmo Furniture Barn can advertize for a massive global audience, sure, but his money is better spent in his own city or county. And all the bandwidth pumped out online in an endless sea of streams from the whole of the planet will have little effect on the audience already available with their local stations. Web based radio is another breed in the evolution of the medium.

Remember how everyone thought satellite radio would revolutionize the medium?
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