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Originally Posted by voodoohippie View Post
I agree. With the Share Locations option on your Android Smartphone you have the ability for a targeted file to trigger the weather in your Local area, News and more. Folks can be hired to do special things Online and the DJ's or broadcasters do what they know best and that is music. Instead of working away from home a DJ, Newscaster, Weatherman can work where ever creating yet more jobs and more flexibility to meat the employee's schedule as well as the online DJ's. This is where the lines may blur and Internet Radio can be taken more seriously by content delivery networks. Soon instead of your station costing money it will make money.
Terrestrial radio stations already do that, music, news etc. and on the web by streaming their signal and they already make the money. Corporate radio has already tried the one sound for all cities and their stations fail in money and ratings. Look at Clear Channel. they suck ass and everyone knows it. Listeners, employees, clients. Now for communities where there is no local radio, and there are still some places left, maybe internet radio is a solution, but then again if there are no stations in the area, chances are the money needed to do what you suggest probably isn't there either.

Don't kid yourself, the chances for an internet based station being able to compete with a radio based station are mighty slim. Mimicking them will not make internet radio any more profitable. There are radios on bedside tables, in every car, businesses etc. Yes there are other things like Sirrius XM and some web based stations, but the accessibility of terrestrial radio will out sell web based stations every time. 80 years or so worth of momentum. Free programming on the airwaves in service to the general public. Free.

Web based stations have the opportunity to change the medium and go beyond the limits of terrestrial radio. This is the only way it will survive in the market place, if they are to survive at all.
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