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The evolution of radio/music will force change. For instance in my genre or crap-hop (hip-hop & rap), the Internet is NOT FCC governed, so playing edited songs is not necessary. This is an FCC decency law, to draw in advertisers. But stations still do it WHY? Are people hiding behind walls of some sort? If you listen to an edited song on FCC Radio and then go to iTunes to buy the explicit song/album, you've just proven there is no reason to play edited music.

I wonder how many millions of dollars an internet station is making vs CC for playing the same edited music, vs Satellite Radio for playing unedited music.

Now we see that Winamp and SC have been purchased by Radionomy. I give this about a year and then it's over! Hopefully by then, there will be a reliable network that can supersede SC in terms of what it provides independent internet broadcasters. The current Radionomy model ain't going no where! Something should popup.

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