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Release (non-beta) version is now available.

  • Fixes encoder tag duplication on tag/metadata writes.
  • Skips writing new tags/metadata to files with malformed (missing) vendor string.
  • Encoder: Now includes libresample-0.1.3 so audio can be directly transcoded/ripped into the Opus format without needing to save to an intermediary file first for resampling to 48KHz. Doesn't invoke the resampler if input is already at 48KHz

As listed above, the included encoder now uses the libresample-0.1.3 library to resample incoming audio data not at 48KHz (which is required for the Opus audio codec.) If you care about quality at all then please take note. Compared to other commercially available and GPL licensed resamplers, this isn't the best resampler (not the worst though.) I'm using this resampler for two reasons; it compiles under Borland C++ Builder 5 Pro and it's LGPL (no socialist hacker manifesto licensing requirements.) I will be looking into replacing it with the SoX resampling library, but not today.

When I tested the new download link I noticed I had to force refresh the page for the new download link to show up. If you can't download the new installer package it probably means you need to purge your browser cache.
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