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for the embedding failure when there is no ID3v2.x tag to start with, i've now tracked down the sneaky little bug which was causing it (which appears to be specific to the APIC tag based on how new tags are otherwise handled - though i'd need fresh eyes to make sure that assumption is correct).

and due to that bug fix and a few other things i needed to fix / implement, i've got embedding into ID3v2.x tags now working natively - so that means i've got the fun of hooking up a UI to control that side of things on the artwork preferences page *joy* which will likely be just a control on embedding vs external file generation and how the external file would be generated. and unless there's something absolutely specific needed, i'm intending on just making it store things in the original source format received when saved to the tag and probably the file version as well (though i suppose i should add an option to force to a specific type if...?) - since most of the code tweaks i've made mean i'm getting / passing around the raw image data before it's been decoded i.e. png file blobs so we're not loosing image data unnecessarily.

so sadly (or not depending on your liking of plug-ins or not), i think this confirms the start of the beginning of the end of this plug-in.
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