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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
unless a service has a defined api to query things and which is unlikely to break (which i suspect that the Google option would not fit), then it will most likely not be considered. and so far, the Musicbrainz and options have been looked at (and i'm still looking at other viable services so we don't have to pay (much or at all) and which gives decent results (which of the two i've mentioned, is the more reliable so far).

and the last provider was rovio if i remember correctly.
I believe google does have an api for its image search, come to think of it, google has an api for everything >.>

Assuming you submit the right data when searching the results are pretty spot on accurate tbh

Heres how it is in AIMP3

I honestly doubt that AIMP3's devs have to pay google to use their service, considering AIMP3 is free and that it's not something theyd do. And i really doubt a company like google that possibly millions of companies use would feel like changing its api every so often to break thinsg that utilise their services.

When i look for album art; discogs, lastfm, and google images are the places that 99.9% of the time ill get what i need and itll be what i want. I really recommend you try it out for yourself, its a pretty great feature.

As for the tag sources, really like that lastfm was considered, great source for stuff from unsigned artists and unknown genres, but why not add in FreeDB? Its free, and it has a wealth of song metadata

Same goes for discogs, its quite the information pool (especially for electronic music). iirc correctly, according to Mp3Tag's documentation its rather easy to add modules to make Mp3Tag have sources to look from, perhaps this model could be used in Winamp? (a more refined one that is, Mp3Tag sucks at its online integration)
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