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New version (with encoder version now available for download.

Let's see if I can remember all the changes from memory...
  • Added "Advanced" tab in the Unified File Information Pane so that now all vorbis tags (except "ENCODER" and "METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE") are editable. That was a pain in the ***...
  • When libsoxr.dll is present (included in installer) in Winamp folder the encoder uses it instead of the lower quality internal one.
  • Massive encoder plugin update to reducing encoding time.
  • Fixed encoder container segment formation algorithm logic errors for certain rare segment lengths.
  • Added frame size (in milliseconds) option to encoder.

Note: The encoder error from is still valid but the encoder plugin itself is still functioning correctly (verified with a previous build of libopusfile.) After investigating their source I saw that it's an internal problem with their code. Not much I can do about it. However, all of the other modes seem unaffected. If/when they release a fix for the error you can replace the faulty libraries with their new ones by manually replacing the old dlls in the Winamp\opusfile sub-folder with the new ones.
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