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Step it up people

I've not posted since 2015 and I'm still top 15 posters all time, even after the purge? Y'all need to step it up!

Also, then I won't feel so bad about the zero life I had in high school...

But on a serious note, any of you long time people who are still around, who may remember me, hit me up in PM here. If you have a reddit account, let me know, that's where I spend most of my time now, /u/dlink is me. Shocking, I know. I don't post on that account much, but I keep tabs on it.

I've missed the community here. This was one of the the first places I felt comfortable being me.

Anyways, I'm stuck at home. Quarantined thanks to a nasty bout of bronchitis. I thought I'd return to the ol' stomping grounds and see who is still around. <3
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