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Hi xmuzack

I agree that one looks much better.
Here a few hints :
- I would aspect correct the woofer to avoid the ellipse distortion. This is done when sampling the image in the warp shader. See attached.
- "q1 = q1 + something;" may not do what you expect because the q variables are automatically reset at each frame. This is the same for all other inbuilt variables such as zoom, rot, dx, dy, dx, sy etc. Anything you add to these variables only works in this frame but is forgotten in the next one. This is different for your own variables which are remembered over frames.
The q variables are initialised to zero at each frame, the others to the value defined in the milk file. That may result in unexpected behaviour. e.g. when zoom=2 in the milk file, and you define zoom = zoom+0.1, it will be 2.1. Always define these variables properly yourself by explicitly saying zoom = 1.1, rather than adding something to a possibly unknown initialisation value.
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