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Thank You for re-posting the single-files, xmuzack. And I have renamed one of the presets, so that it has the original filename now.

I am missing yet these 2 presets from post #3:
xmuzack + martin + butterbeaster - howl at the spectrum.milk
xmuzack + martin + butterbeaster - roses and spectrum.milk
and I am missing these 2 presets from post #5:
xmas in july
study of fighting fireflies
because since post #3 I don't have the .zip-folders. I have only the .zip-folder from post #1 in Your thread.

But I have already the screenshots from post #3 to post #6, and they are very impressive. I have background2.jpg from Your post and the textures with the roses, rosebackground.jpg and rosebackgroundwithframe.jpg from another thread (for knockknock.jpg I use a replacement texture with the blue islands). The moon in the first screenshot in post #3, is that from a random texture or is that a special texture? If it is a special texture, then it should be posted, too.

I have created already some empty folders, to where the content of the .zip-folders should come some day. I don't know when my issues will be solved.

About Your issues, I am sure, that soon a fixed version will come out:
xmuzack + flexi - fasten your seatbelts cause it's time to fly high (fixed).milk

I think, You have already seen my newest screenshots on deviantART, and this year I had uploaded also some of my older screenshots (only the best). At home Frank and I are so lonely since 24th December 2014, and our unknown enemies are responsible for that. Currently I am sitting in the computer-room of the meeting-point while I am writing my post, and I cannot do so much. For this week some of the dates have been cancelled. Of course I dislike our unkown enemies who have thrown me into this situation, but on the other side I have more time to work on my ideas as artist, if the many thunderstorms would not slow me down so often.

BTW, Your screenshots promise very much. And keep up Your good work!...

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