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I feel happy to hear, that You are interested for my profile on deviantART, where I am with my artist-name Sternenmaschinebine:

And I am sure, You will like my gallery, my favourites and my journals, although I was not able to update my journals for a while (but I don't want to use the Stash Writer). But at least I am still focussed on my ideas as artist, and since some months these are random textures and desktop wallpapers. I have already some new ideas.

I myself have between 4000 and 5000 Winamp-Screenshots, but also many other good screenshots, and of course I cannot upload them all.

BTW, right now some good Dub Techno on YouTube is running, and unfortunately there is no Winamp in the computer-room. But at least there is the Butterchurn Visualizer for Firefox & Chrome.

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