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Hello xmuzack,

from deviantART I was able to download the .zip-folder without problems. This means, I could download also new free downloadable music from Bandcamp or from the Internet Archive.

Now I know, for a while I will not post new images and new .zip-folders as attachments anymore. In my journal "Winamp forever - Music forever!!!" I have links to my own single-files and to my own .zip-folders, and sometimes I update them on Mediafire.

Fumbling_Foo, that's a good idea to post only the.milk-files for a while. For Your screenshots I suggest other websites, for example deviantART.

The latest posting of a .txt-file was on 7th July, and I was able to post it without problems in the thread "The day of reckoning for adobe flash moves closer":

BTW, You can read my thanks for one of the presets also here in "What are you listening to right now?":

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