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Cassini’s last stand

On September 15, 2017, Cassini ended it's amazing mission to Saturn that lasted over 19 years. It's mission lead us to new discoveries about Saturn and gave us hundreds of amazing pictures of Saturn and it's moons. Cassini Wiki Now NASA has released Cassini's final moments as it crashed through Saturn's atmosphere in a milk file format.

Actually I was holding on to this preset for awhile until it was ready to be released. This is based on Nitorami's shape awesome coding found in the simple planet study preset. I had problems with at first due to a permanent blob shape in the bottom left hand corner of the screen in shape codes 1 & 3. I would get rid of it, but then everything would become extremely repetitive. It took looking at Nitorami's coding in the smooth spectrum analyser - mono 16 channels preset for me to begin to solve this. It worked, yay!

So, enough rambling, here's the preset: Works great with fast and slow music and even with silence.
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