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Thanks for your response. Unfortunately it doesn't work.

When fresh installed (no roaming Winamp folder) in the first time it starts, I place and resize the Modern Winamp skin to my usual place on bottom right over the start bar (I use an expanded playlist under the main window, resized to the same width with all remaining windows closed, no menus, like it was common on old Winamp 2 days). Then, after relaunching, only the playlist will stay where it was left previously, but the main winamp window will be at top left of the screen (album art and library will remain closed).

Then, by deleting studio.xnf, both player/pl/art/ml will have the position and sizes reset, and after I re-organize them and re-open, the main winamp window will return to top left just as before.

OTH, if remove everything, then install the old winamp 5.666 and place my windows where I want them (working properly after relaunching the program); if do an in-place upgrade to current 5.8b (selecting current skin), Winamp will start in the correct position that was left before on the studio.xnf file. But then, if I move it and close the program, It'll jump back to where it was as 5.6 left it. It seems like the program is failing to write the last position for the Modern Skin on the file, given that it's capable to read and apply values that were created before on a previous Winamp version.
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