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Thanks for your help, I believe we are having a misunderstanding.
I created this thread to report a problem with the current 5.8 beta: from a fresh install (no leftovers) it doesn't save the main window position correctly with the Modern skin. It always returns to top left.

I'm a Winamp user since late 90s, so I'm familiar with it's registry and file folders. The last Winamp 5.666 3516 is free from this problem. So, to test if the latest 5.8b has a problem with the file you've pointed (at least on this system), I've done an in-place upgrade to see how it behaved with a previously created and functional position file. And by this way, it'll restore the previous position created with 5.6, but it's unable to update the file to a new changed position for the main window under that skin.

I was already back to Winamp 5.666 3516 as my daily player, since it doesn't exhibit this issue. But it was never the point of this thread.
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