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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
Close Winamp. Go to C:\Users\*****\AppData\Roaming\Winamp. In there you will find a file called studio.xnf. Delete it. Restart Winamp. Everything should be ok now since all sizes and desktop positions of all components are stored in this file.
This does not work. All it does is reset the location completely, and keep it that way.

After investigating, there appears to be a problem in WinAmp where it doesn't save the location of the main window when the Modern theme is selected. The playlist window, for example, is correctly saved, provided it's not linked to the main window. But the "Y" position of the main window is always zero in the studio.xnf file, even if I move it and exit WinAmp. So the updated value is not being saved to file.

I was able to manually edit the studio.xnf file to get the main Winamp window where I wanted it. So the problem is not in *reading* that file; rather, it's in *writing* it. And not just writing the whole thing; rather, it's in writing the information for the main window.

One thing, however, even though I've got the main window and the playlist window right where I want them, they are not attached. So when I move the main window, the playlist window stays. What configuration option in studio.xnf will attach them such that when I move one I move them all?
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