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Chad Cloman
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I can verify this occurs in 5.8 beta with the Modern skin and does not happen with the Classic skin. Deleting the studio.xnf file did not fix the problem.

Here are the entries in studio.xnf that I currently use:
<entry name="rect" value="2688,-285,436,285" />
<entry name="restoredrect" value="2688,-285,436,285" />

After investigating, it appears that the code that writes the position and size information to studio.xnf has a bug. The first coordinate, the X-axis position, is written as zero. The last two parameters seem to be written correctly, but the first two (X and Y) are problematic.

Fortunately, the software is able to read the parameters correctly. So I was able to modify the file manually to get the desired screen position.

The problem I now have, however, is that the main window and playlist aren't stuck together, even though they are exactly next to each other. When I move the main window, the playlist doesn't move. Is there a studio.xnf setting that indicates the two windows are connected and should be moved together?
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