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Originally Posted by Chad Cloman View Post
So I've investigated a bit, and found the problem (whatever it actually is) is somehow involved with the PlaylistPro feature added between the two versions. If you don't want to use the older skin provided by r.e.e.d., you can do the following:

1. Exit WinAmp.

2. Go to the following directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins\Winamp Modern\xml
[Note: if you've installed WinAmp somewhere else, or moved the skins directory, make the appropriate changes to the path.]

3. Use your favorite text editor to edit the following file (you may need to run the editor in administrator mode):
4. Replace this:
<include file="playlistpro.xml"/>

with this:
<!-- <include file="playlistpro.xml"/> -->

5. Save the file.

6. At this point, the player window will correctly save its position data. Most of the time. If it doesn't save the position, try again. Usually repeating it once or twice will do the trick.

7. The playlist editor, however, is another thing entirely. If you lock it to the player and move the combined player/playlist, the playlist reverts to its old location once you close the playlist or exit WinAmp. To permanently move the playlist editor, you must move it by itself. It's okay to lock it to the player, but you must do that by moving the playlist, not the player.
This worked perfectly and I had to create an account just to thank you! THANK YOU!
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