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Looking for: Winamp3 or 2x, IRC Tech Channel, or SHOUTcast Help? READ THIS!

If you have arrived in this forum with a technical support question that concerns SHOUTcast broadcasting / streaming, would you please visit the following forum to post your question.

That forum is SHOUTcast Technical Support, where your question will receive attention from your fellow broadcasters and DJ's.

The forum that you are in currently is for support of Winamp, and not the SHOUTcast application.


[Edit --> DJ Egg]

As from August 2004, the following conditions now apply:

Shoutcast dsp/dnas related topics posted in Winamp Tech Support will either be moved or locked.
If no-one replies, then the post will be moved to Shoutcast Tech Support.
If someone replies (saying: 'wrong forum' yadda yadda etc) whilst the thread is still in the Winamp Tech Support forum, but before a moderator has had chance to move it, then the thread will be locked instantly!
So basically, I suggest that 1) you post in the correct forum and 2) if you DO post in here by mistake, that no-one replies until the thread has been moved.

The reason for this is because the Shoutcast Tech forum gets a lot of posts, and any threads with replies will tend to be ignored by the responders in there (mainly because they will assume that the issue is already being taken care of).
Moderators moving posts should just type in an Edit stating that they've moved the thread, but should not actually post a reply unless they are dealing with the issue.



Looking for Winamp3 1.0 or Winamp 2.x ?

With the release of Winamp 5.0, the old Winamp3 v1.0 is no longer being supported on the forums. Development of the "Winamp3" product has been halted by Nullsoft. it is highly recommended that you upgrade to Winamp 5.x.

Winamp3 is no longer supported on the Winamp Forums. The Winamp3 forums are still available for archival purposes. If you want to try to find any old help about Winamp3 check out the:
Winamp3 Forums.

Threads asking for Winamp3 help here will be ignored and locked.

Winamp3 development ended in 2003. What was Winamp3 has been rebranded as wasabi.player. This is not a supported product and it's not meant for general end user useage. But if you are still interested in the development for Winamp3 or wasabi.player please refer to the Wasabi Development forum.

Winamp3 v1.0 and all older versions of Winamp (1.x, 2.x, 5.x) are still available at winampheaven or But we do NOT provide support for old versions.

As Winamp 5.x is the direct continuation of the Winamp 2.x line, all threads asking for 2.x/support will be locked.

Guide to "sidegrading" from Winamp3 to Winamp 5
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