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Re: What the FUC..........

Originally posted by FunkDoc
Ok here's the situation. I bought windows XP last month or so and I've registered online a few times already. But when I went to setup XP on my father's computer I wasn't able to register. The thing is he can still use windows XP and everthing but It's still asking to be registered, I don't want to have to go out and buy another XP program but I'm also worried that if he continues to load his work onto his computer and the 30 registration expires, will he still be able to use windows or will it shut down or something? Can I turn off the registration notice if it won't shutdown windows? Can someone please help me here?
This is why nobody should BUY WinXP. My g/f's Mom went out and paid $200 on the Professional version BRAND NEW. INstalled it, and WnXP said the CD Key was used on a previous installation. She called up Microsoft and they would NOT give her a new CD key, even though she had proof she bought it brand new.

P.S. Thanks to me (and #gotw**ez? ) she has WinXP now.

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