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Hello all,

I have a similar problem; the file it takes a dump on is only about 39MB, but the overall installer will be over 900MB at that point (mod package that has lots of gfx, etc.). I've tried both BZip2 and the standard (LZW?). 7z would be a nice addition but he keeps changing file formats so it's been hard to use so far.

Anyways, this is what I get when it drops out:
Internal compiler error #12345: error mmapping datablock to 907605624.

P4 1.5GHz, 512MB, 30GB (~4GB free)
Win2K Pro +SP3
(oops forgot this) NSIS v2.0b0 and 1.98 were tried ... (/oops)

My page file is 384MB ... do you think that the total combined physical & page file size is the limit? That would come out to just about 900MB, which is where it's choking. I'll increase my swap to 1GB and get back to you.

Thanks for such a kick ass installer btw!

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