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Unfortunately, it still doesn't work after CONVERTing both drives to NTFS. No big loss for me in converting them but I'm kind of bummed that it still won't work.

I did some digging in the NTKernel docs in MSDN and found this statement (under remarks):

"Windows_NT/2000/XP:__If the file mapping object is backed by the paging file (hFile is INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE), the paging file must be large enough to hold the entire mapping. If it is not, MapViewOfFile fails."

The way the code is structured, it looks like m_hFile can continue to be invalid after your CreateFile() call which will skip the m_mapping=MapViewOfFile and fall right into the if (!m_mapping). I'm not sure that's what you really meant to do. Basically, if you have any of the following it looks like you'll get the same error msg:
1) m_hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE (if the CreateFile() failed)
2) m_hFileMap == NULL (if m_hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
3) m_mapping == NULL (if MapViewOfFile() is never called)

If I get time later in the week I'll step through the mess on my end and let you know at which step everything goes to shit over here.


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